Additional Services
ONE WEEK REFRESHER (Buff 'n' Polish)      $10.00 
Polish change, buff and nail shaping. More than
just a dazzling color...Redefine and shine your nails.  Pampering Time: 20 minutes

JUST A POLISH                                                  $6.00 
In the mood for a change, than change your color!
Pampering Time: 10 minutes

ENHANCEMENT REMOVAL                            $25.00 
Overlays are removed gently using a file, without
acetone, to minimize stress & weakness to natural
nail. Fusion Manicure Included.
Pampering Time: 1 hour

REPAIR (Non-Maintenance Schedule)                  
With any service 1st repair is free. Additional nails
are $3.00 extra...4 or more broken considered Full Set.
Pampering Time: 15 minutes to 1 hour
PARTY NAILS                                                   $20.00
This temporary enhancement will add glamour
and elegance to any outfit. Tip and Resin. 
Lasts from 3 days to 1 week.
Pampering Time: 1 hour 

MINI HAND & ARM MASSAGE                        $5.00
Pampering Time: 15 minutes

Karen A. Mills 
Licensed Nail Professional